ECS Case 7U Loadmaster® Rackmount Case

ECS Case 7U Loadmaster® Rackmount  Case
Model: LMRM-7U
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text_weight 48.73lb

When You’re Protecting Your Gear On The Inside, Shouldn’t You Trust The Case On The Outside?

There’s a lot to like about the Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases. Let’s start with the exterior.

  • Extremely tough TSC reinforced composite construction
  • A “no reflection” surface (available in four colors)
  • Molded case-to-case stacking ability with latches
  • 3” or 5” lids with nesting or hanger option
  • Auto air pressure release valve and water tight gasket

The incredibly rugged Loadmaster® Rackmount 7U Cases will withstand the most aggressive abuse. Drop it from 48 inches (the material and the shock isolation system for 200lb payloads allow for it). Expose it to 40 mph wind and rain. Set it out in +85º C. The exterior is designed to protect  and easily transport your equipment.

You’ll like the interior too.

  • Choose a slide or fixed frame
  • Quickly and easily remove and re-install racks with quick-release fasteners
  • Secure equipment with 10-32 nut-bar fasteners
  • 20-, 24-, or 30-inch rack depth option

The Loadmaster® Rackmount 7U Case has undergone MIL-STD-810G Military Testing. It is desert ready.  It is trustworthy. Only a 10 day shipping time.

Rack Height 7U
Rack Depth (Inches) 20/24/30
Lid Depth 3" standard / 5" optional
Outside Dimensions 30.0" x 22.5" x 16.3"
Material Composite
Empty Weight 44.3 lb
Shock Isolation Yes
Brand Family ECS Case | Loadmaster® Rackmount
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