Select Rack Height (D) from 1U to 42U

  • EIA-310 compliant 19″ rack mount frame
  • Shock isolated or hard-mounted frames
  • MIL-STD, IP65, and ATA ratings

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CP Cases AAITN610W Interstacker Wheel Board
The CP Cases Interstacker Wheel Board for Amazon Cases and Amazon Racks is capable of carrying loads in excess of 500 lbs.  Fitted..
CP Cases AR04 4U Amazon Rack Mount Case
Objective Inside an Amazon rack mount case, you'll find innovation. A lightweight stainless steel frame, suspended by eight elastom..
CP Cases AR06 6U Amazon Rack Mount Case
Objective The 6U Amazon rackmount case offers a high level of innovation packed in the form of a versatile case. It is lightweight, ..
CP Cases AR08 8U Amazon Rack Mount Case
Objective The Amazon 8U rackmount case features innovative, lightweight technology with high-strength polyethylene structure. Its sh..
CP Cases AR10 10U Amazon Rack Mount Case
Objective Amazon 10U cases provide ultimate protection to any equipment during storage, deployment and transportation. These cases ..
Dimensions L1.0''x B12.0''x H21.0''
CP Cases AR12 12U Amazon Rack Mount Case
An Amazon 12U rack case gives an excellent way to provide full-proof protection to any electronic, telecommunication, and other rack-mo..
CP Cases RR03 3U Aluminum ERACK Case
The ERack is an extremely-lightweight, 19-inch, rugged aluminum rack mount case designed to protect contents against physical, climatic..
CP Cases RR04 4U Aluminum ERACK Case
The 4U ERack cases feature the latest patented technology that eliminates body-to-lid edge extrusion by making the rack stronger yet li..
CP Cases RR05 5U Aluminum ERACK Case
The 5U aluminium ERack case is a 19-inch, lightweight and protective rack mount case that ensures the total protection of your equipmen..
CP Cases RR06 6U Aluminum ERACK Case
6U ERack mount cases are certainly some of the most efficient, lightweight, and protective cases for sensitive equipment and electronic..
CP Cases RR08 8U Aluminum ERACK Case
8U aluminium-welded ERack mount cases are visibly lighter than other similar cases, yet they have a high-tensile strength to safeguard ..
CP Cases RR10 10U Aluminum ERACK Case
E-Rack Cases with 10U height offer the same efficient protection as the 3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 8U, and 12U ERacks. Their patented technology m..
CP Cases RR12 12U Aluminum ERACK Case
12U ERack case is a rugged, robust, and lightweight aluminium rack with a 19-inch rack frame. It is a highly-secure, water & dust r..
ECS Case Loadmaster® Rackmount Drawers, 2U and 4U
The Loadmaster™ Rackmount Drawers for ECS rack cases offers light weight and a smooth pull. These 19" rack mount drawers come in 2U and..
Dimensions L18.0''x B23.0''x H7.0''
ECS Case Loadmaster® Rain Shield
Protect your Rack Mount Gear with a Loadmaster™ Rain Shield Keep rain and sun from penetrating your equipment with a Rain Shield.&nb..
Dimensions L18.0''x B23.0''x H7.0''
ECS Case Rack Mount Support Rails
Support Rails for ECS Case LoadMaster Racks Support rails are a simple method of supporting rack mount equipment within a frame.&nbs..
Dimensions L21.0''x B3.0''x H2.0''
EDAK CCO11511 Commex 11U Aluminum Rack Mount Case
The EDAK Commex 11U rack case offers the superior strength-to-weight ratio necessary to deal with the harsh environmental and physical ..
Dimensions L33.0''x B25.0''x H35.0''
EDAK CCO14511 Commex 14U Aluminum Rack Mount Case
The EDAK 14U Commex case is engineered to protect and safeguard sensitive instruments with its exceptional weather-proof technology. It..
Dimensions L33.0''x B25.0''x H41.0''
EDAK CCO4511 Commex 4U Aluminum Rack Mount Case
EDAK’s COMMEX rack mount cases protect sensitive equipment from shock, vibrations, and harsh environments.  With their unparallele..
Dimensions L33.0''x B25.0''x H21.0''
EDAK CCO5511 Commex 5U Aluminum Rack Mount Case
EDAK’s 5U Commex rack mount case is a rugged aluminium transport and transit holder that is engineered to withstand the rigor and sever..
Dimensions L33.0''x B25.0''x H23.0''