Sturdy, Lightweight and Economical -- the LITEX Shipping Case

LITEX aluminum cases are an affordable solution for transport and storage requirements. These light-duty cases are built tough for most commercial and consumer applications. Manufactured from tough, lightweight aluminum alloy, they have superior volume-to-weight ratio. They are much lighter than similarly sized cases made of other materials. If a standard sized case doesn’t fit, EDAK can build a LITEX case to your dimensions and specifications.

  • Lightweight 0.50” (1.27mm) thick aluminum alloy construction
  • Stacking corners with lugs
  • Hinged covers
  • Spring-loaded handles
  • Profile frame for reliability
  • Optional foam lining or custom foam inserts
  • Optional two wheel, removable trolley with pull-handle

Contact Sierra Cases to learn why and aluminum case -- like LITEX -- might be the best fit for your project.

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