Rackit 4-Post Mounting SDR Shelves

New Rackit 4-Post Mounting SDR Shelves
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Rackit 4-Post Mounting SDR Shelves

Rackit® Technology Corporation provides a variety of 4-post mounting shelves that are mostly used to mount heavy IT hardware such as servers, UPSs and more. SDR Shelves have a convenient pull-out capability that provides easy access to your equipment. These shelves are equipped with a multi-depth-mounting design providing easy installation and additional flexibility to any 4-post rack-mount.  SDR shelves are compatible with any Rackit's lines of server racks and with mostly any 4-post 19" rack on the marketplace.


  • Constructed of heavy duty gauge steel
  • Short range depth adjustable
  • High grade black powder-coat finish
  • Available in depths of 22- or 26- or 30-inches, with mounting tabs extendable up to 36-inches in depth

SDR Shelf Options:

SDR Shelf Surface Width Shelf Height Maximum Mounting Depth Weight Rating
SDR-22-26 17.50" 2.25" 26.125" 110 lbs.
SDR-26-32 17.50" 2.25" 32.125" 110 lbs.
SDR-30-36 14.33" 3.50" 36.125" 300 lbs.


Material Steel
Color Black powder-coat finish
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