Rackit Sylphit-Duo KVM Console Drawer/Switch

New Rackit Sylphit-Duo KVM Console Drawer/Switch
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Rackit® Technology LCD Consoles

Rack-mount flat-panel LCD consoles by Rackit® Technology Corporation are perfect to use when there is restricted space at server farms, industrial environments and facilities. Using only 1U of EIA rack space (1.75" high) these consoles are designed for 19-inch rack-mount applications. They feature a front-folding laptop-style active TFT LCD flat-panel tilting display with industrial-grade, heavy-duty, self-locking slide-out rails with depth-adjustable rear mounting support. Rackit® Technology Corporation provides many different models supporting various computing platforms under the two product lines: Sylphit and Sylphit-Duo.

Rackit Sylphit-Duo KVM Console Drawer/Switch

The Rackit Sylphit-Duo Console has an integrated KVM computer console featuring a separate slide out drawer for keyboard and mouse. The display folds up allowing virtually no aisle space in front of the rack and keeping keyboard/mouse tucked in. This console has a 17" display and is the network administrator's tool of choice when working in space-restricted server farms or crowded industrial and factory environments. The Sylphit-Duo is available in 3 different styles: Sylphit-Duo-MP, Sylphit-Duo-USB and Sylphit-Duo-PS/2. The Sylphit-Duo console drawers are available in two different classes: S-Class and SK-Class. See below for variety of model options.


  • 1U dual-rail rack-mount drawer
  • Display and the keyboard/mouse drawers can be pulled out separately each having own handle
  • Integrated KVM switch that can access and control up to 48 servers connected to the console
  • 105-key Windows keyboard with a numeric keypad and a 2-button touchpad pointing device
  • KVM drawer fits into a standard 19-inch 4-post server rack
  • High-brightness and high contrast-ratio active TFT LCD flat panel integrated folding display
  • Large viewing angle screen with high-rate brightness, supporting resolutions of 1280 x 1024
  • Flat-panel display is made with thin film transistors resist electro-magnetism
  • Display protected with anti-glare tempered glass
  • Industrial-grade heavy-duty steel construction
  • Adjustable rear depth mounting support, up to 40½ inches

Sylphit-Duo Model Options:

Model Style Class Platform Support KVM Switch KVM Cables
DMSK-817 MP SK USB, PS/2 8-port Purchased Separately
DMSK-1617 MP SK USB, PS/2 16-port Purchased Separately
DS-117 PS/2 S PS/2, VGA N/A One (1) 3-in-one
DSK-817 PS/2 SK PS/2, VGA 8-port Eight (8) 3-in-one
DSK-1617 PS/2 SK PS/2, VGA 16-port Sixteen (16) 3-in-one
DSU-117 USB S USB, VGA N/A One (1) 2-in-one


  • Sylphit-Duo-MP supports any combination of USB and PS/2 computers
  • Sylphit-Duo-USB supports USB computers
  • Sylphit-Duo-PS/2 supports PS/2 computers
  • S-Class connects to one computer, or one KVM switch and
  • SK-Class comes with a built-in 8-port or 16-port KVM switch
Material Steel
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