Rackit Ventit Fan Tray

Rackit Ventit Fan Tray
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Ventit Fan Tray by Rackit® Technology Corporation

Ventit fan trays make accelerated air-flow for server/equipment cabinets and ensures the extra ventilation in densely populated enclosed racks. The trays do not take up much room and can be mounted at any height you desire inside a cabinet and will increase ventilation throughout. Available in the following options:

  • RCT-FT-32H, Ventit 32H, 3-Fan, 2-Post Fan Tray - typically mounts at the back of the cabinet generating horizontal (front-back) air flow, 225 CFM
  • RCT-FT-32V, Ventit 32V, 3-Fan, 2-Post Fan Tray - generates vertical (top-bottom) air flow, 225 CFM
  • RCT-FT-34V, Ventit 34V, 3-Fan, 4-Post Fan Tray - 4-post mounting and one row of fans, can slide the row of fans to position the fans either to the front, back or inbetween, vertical airflow, 225 CFM
  • RCT-FT-64V, Ventit 64V, 6-Fan, 4-Post Fan Tray - depth-adjustable, front and rear mounting tabs adjust supporting mounting depth of up to 34-inches, vertical airflow, 450 CFM
  • RCT-FT-94V, Ventit 94V, 9-Fan, 4-Post Fan Tray - mounting depth of up to 34-inches, depth-adjustable with front and rear adjustable mounting tabs, vertical airflow, 675 CFM
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