SKB Cases 1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe, 14U Rackmount Top

SKB 1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe, 14U Rackmount Top
Model: 1SKB19-R1400
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text_weight 29.00lb

SKB 1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe, 14U Rackmount Top

The 1SKB19-R1400 Gig Safe has a 14U rackmount top that allows digital and deeper analog mixers to be transported safely and securely. A cover is included to fit XLR cable connectors.  This gig safe conveniently fits in the back of your car and has oversized handles for easy carrying.


  •   14U rack that accomodates deep rackmount mixers.
  •   Side handles for easy transport.
  •   Greater vertical mixer depth.
  •   Fits AV-14 retractable shelf.
  •   Attaaches to the SKB19-REX6 Expander Case.
Outside Dimensions 32.0" x 24.0" x 12.25"
Material Polyethylene
Empty Weight 24.55 lb
Color Black
Wheels Included
Brand Family SKB Cases | Rolling Shock Racks
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