SKB Cases 1SKB19-REX6 Mighty GigRig Expander, 6U

SKB 1SKB19-REX6 Mighty GigRig Expander, 6U
Model: 1SKB19-REX6
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SKB 1SKB19-REX6 Mighty GigRig Expander, 6U

The 1SKB19-REX6 allows the Mighty GigRig (1SKB19-R1406) to expand to a total of 12U in the front and 12U in the rear for a total of 24U capacity in one rolling rack unit with the addition of the Mighty GigRig Dolly (1SKB-R3224). Interior cables can conveniently be accessed through the Mighty GigRig Expander allowing you to store all of your electronics and sound gear in one unit.


  •   (6U) Rolling Rack.
  •   Expandable to a (12U) Rolling Rack.
  •   Attaches to SKB19-R1406 Mighty GigRig.
  •   Cables accessible to the Mighty GigRig for continuous connection.
Interior Width 19.0"
Interior Height 10.5"
Outside Dimensions 32.25" x 24.0" x 17.75"
Material Polyethylene
Empty Weight 38.4 lb
Color Black
Wheels Included
Brand Family SKB Cases | Rolling Shock Racks
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