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20 inch Shock Racks

20 inch Shock Racks

SKB Shock Rack Cases with 20” Deep Rack

Manufactured by SKB, a leader in transit cases, these affordably priced 19” rack mount cases will not only protect your equipment, they’ll standup to the abuse of shipping and handling for years. With a 20” deep shock-isolated rack frame, they are designed to protect shorter rack mount electronics.

Eight elastomer shock absorbers mounted in each corner dampen the harmful effects of impact and vibration.  They feature water resistance lid seals, heavy duty latches, molded-in handles, stacking lugs, and a payload capacity of 150 lbs.  A generous sway space around the internal frame offers extra space for shock absorption; plus, it allows more air to the electronics and room for cables.  Select from 4U to 16U rack heights.

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