SKB 3i-TSA TSA Approved Latches

SKB 3i-TSA TSA Approved Latches
Model: 3i-TSA
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SKB 3i-TSA Approved Latches are the perfect accessory for your SKB 3i case. These latches are Travel Security Administration (TSA) approved and come equipped with the Travel Sentry logo.  Baggage screeners at airports recognize TSA latches.  It allows them to quickly open, inspect, and relock the case.

The kit includes:

  • 2 TSA accessible trigger latches
  • 2 replacement hinge pins
  • 2 keys

There are three variants of 3i-TSA approved latches:

  • SKB 3i-TSA-1 TSA latches fit 3i-0907-4 and 3i-0907-6 cases
  • SKB 3i-TSA-2 TSA latches fit 3i-1209, 3i-1711 and 3i-1813-5 cases
  • SKB 3i-TSA-3 TSA latches fit 3i-1610-5, 3I-1813-7, 3i1914-8, 3i-2011-8, 3i-2217, 3i-2317, 3i-2918, 3i-3614, 3i-4214 and 3i-5014 cases

Some SKB 3i Series cases come equipped with TSA latches.  To install yourself, click the Download tab to view the installation instructions.

Color Black
Brand Family SKB Cases | Case Accessories
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