SKB 3RR-9U24-25B 9U Case with Removable Rack

SKB 3RR-9U24-25B 9U Case with Removable Rack
Model: 3RR-9U24-25B
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text_weight 84.00lb

The SKB 3RR 9U removable shock rack features an advanced, lightweight, shockproof, watertight, dustproof, and heat- and chemical-resistant technology that is ideal for protecting and transporting sensitive electronics.


Body Material

The low- or medium-density, linear polyethylene is rotationally-molded for better strength and durability.



These cases use a standard 19’’ rack frame with steel vertical rails and aluminium cross members. The rack is 24 inches deep and is accommodated by 6mm or 10-32 square-hole cage nuts.


Shock Isolation

The SKB cases are shock-proof with 8 elastomeric, anti-vibration shocks for loads up to the 150 lbs. range. Extra shocks for extra-heavy loads can be added.



Easy stacking due to the molded-in ribs and lugs.


Finish and Colors

Stainless-steel finish with a black coat. It is available in three standard colors — olive-drab green, desert tan, and black.


Additional Features

Gasket-sealed lids, heavy-duty handles, wheels, pressure equalization valve (automatic), and case-coupling straps.



MIL-STD-810G and ATA 300, Category 1.


Lifetime Warranty

SKB assures a lifetime warranty and maintenance of its cases for the original owner. This implies that your case will be replaced or repaired for any kind of fault in craft or material for as long as it belongs to the original owner.

Rack Height 9U
Rack Depth (Inches) 24
Lid Depth 2" front / 5" rear
Outside Dimensions 40.25" x 24.5" x 22.5"
Material Polyethylene
Empty Weight 84.0 lb
Shock Isolation Yes
Handles 8
Latches 20
Wheels Included
Brand Family SKB Cases | Removable Shock Rack
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