SKB 3SKB-LSB Load Spreader Kit


SKB 3SKB-LSB Load Spreader Kit
Model: 3SKB-LSB
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Transporting Heavy Equipment?  Reinforce your SKB Rack Mount Case with Load Spreaders

As its name implies, a load spreader distributes (spreads) a heavy load over a wider area. It reduces stress on the load-bearing case body and frame.  By dispersing weight, the case and equipment are better stabilized for transit.

The 3SKB-LSB is a kit of four (4) load spreaders and fasteners.  They are designed for SKB's 24" and 30" deep shock isolated rack mount cases. Each spreader mounts to the caster track and sidewall of the case body. 

Contact Sierra Cases to see if a Load Spreader system is right for your application.

Empty Weight 7.0 lb
Brand Family SKB Cases | Rack Accessories
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