ZERO Centurion Z211X Aluminum Carrying Case - weather or EMI seal, 23.9" x 17.9" x 7.0"

ZERO Centurion Z211X Aluminum Carrying Case - weather or EMI seal, 23.9" x 17.9" x 7.0"
Model: Z211X
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text_weight 9.50lb

For Ultimate Protection, Choose the Centurion Elite Z211X

Manufactured by Zero Cases, the Z211X aluminum case was designed to go anyplace.  With an innovative o-ring seal mounted between the lid and base, it's nearly impervious to harmful and damaging elements like water, airborne particles and electrical interference.  Select either an EMI/RFI protective seal or weatherproof seal.  This aluminum carrying case is a member of the Centurion Elite family.  It's available is 16 lengths and widths.  One finish is offered:  silver.

Standard Case Features and Options

Structure Aluminum alloy shell, heat treated
Hardware Aluminum feet, chrome latches, keyed lock, molded carrying handle
Detachable Hinge Lid may be separated from the base
Parting Line Interlocking tongue & grove lid closure
EMI Gasket Attenuates frequencies from 30MHz - 1GHz by 45db.  Fitted into base flange.
Weather Gasket Elastomeric neoprene seal keeps out water and dust.  Fitted into base flange
Panel Fitted instrument panel for mounting electronics and components
Brackets Brackets secure panel to base
Foam Cushioning Custom foam interiors are available.  Contact Sierra Cases for more information
Interior Length 23.90"
Interior Width 17.90"
Interior Height 7.0"
Base Depth 4"
Lid Depth 3"
Outside Dimensions 24" x 18" x 7"
Material Aluminum
Empty Weight 9.5 lb
Wall Thickness 0.051"
Hinge Separable Hinge
Brand Family ZERO Manufacturing | Centurion Elite
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