ZERO Centurion Z213X Aluminum Carrying Case - weather or EMI seal, 23.9" x 17.9" x 8.5"

ZERO Centurion Z213X Aluminum Carrying Case - weather or EMI seal, 23.9" x 17.9" x 8.5"
Model: Z213X
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text_weight 10.00lb

Lightweight Centurion Elite Z213X Aluminum Case

Your answer to harsh environments is the Centurion Elite Z213X carrying case.  Built from heat treated aluminum alloy, it includes a keyed lock for security, protective lid gasket, and optional instrument panel.  Available in several standard sizes, the Z200X Series is a great choice for military, aerospace, heavy industry, and other rugged applications.

Standard Features
The Z213X includes two latches with locking key, sturdy aluminum feet, a removable lid, and comfortable molded carrying handle.  The case body is anodized in silver color.

Environmental Gasket Seal
Engineered for all types of environments, O-ring seals allow you transport and operate your equipment safely and securely.  The Z213X offers two protective gasketed seals:

  1. Weatherproof seal prevents ingress of water and particles.
  2. EMI seal attenuates 30MHz to 1GZ frequencies by 45dB or more.

The EMI seal was tested by a leading independent lab that specializes in EMI emissions.  A test report is available upon request.

Instrument Panel Option
Create portable instruments and test electronics.  Mount components and electronics to a fitted panel secured to the base flange with panel brackets.

Interior Length 23.90"
Interior Width 17.90"
Interior Height 8.50"
Base Depth 4.5"
Lid Depth 4"
Outside Dimensions 24" x 18" x 8.5"
Material Aluminum
Empty Weight 10.0 lb
Wall Thickness 0.051"
Hinge Separable Hinge
Brand Family ZERO Manufacturing | Centurion Elite
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