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Aluminum Cases

  • High tensile aluminum alloy construction for extreme durability
  • Very light weight yet strong
  • Multiple sizes in 19″ rack mount and carrying case styles
  • Foam inserts available for carrying cases
  • Water and dust tight gasket seal (many models)
  • Meets ATA, IP65, and military specifications (many models)
  • Automatic ambient pressure equalization valve available
  • EMI shielding options
  • Easily modified to fit your needs

More About Our Aluminum Cases

Aluminum cases from Sierra Cases are ideal for a variety of purposes. Aluminum is a sturdy, durable, and highly resistant material capable of withstanding some of the worst transit conditions possible. We offer dozens of rack mount and carrying cases to suit practically every shipping need across a broad array of industries and applications, including aerospace, telecommunications, government, industrial and military.

Durable Aluminum Alloy Construction

Constructed of aluminum alloy, aluminum storage cases from Sierra Cases offer superior durability. Many models contain a water and dust-tight gasket seal, preventing exterior environmental conditions from damaging sensitive electronics and other supplies.

Meets Military Specifications

Many aluminum equipment cases from Sierra Cases meet ATA, IP65, and military specifications.  You can ship important supplies with confidence while ensuring compliance with  industry standards and requirements.

Foam Inserts Add Shock and Vibration Protection

Aluminum carrying cases are available with foam inserts for added shock and vibration protection, a common hazard whether you’re shipping supplies by sea, land or air. Aluminum cases with foam are ideal for electronics, which are subject to loosening screws and even damaged circuit boards through the normal course of shipment.

Ambient Pressure Equalization Valves Available

For ultra-sensitive materials and electronics, Sierra Cases offers ambient pressure equalization valves. These simple devices ensure the pressure between the interior and exterior of aluminum transit cases don’t reach dangerous levels which can compromise the seal. This ensures the integrity of the seals, which in turn prevent contaminants, moisture and dust from damaging your supplies during shipment.

Customization Options

Sierra Cases doesn’t operate under a one-size-fits-all philosophy. We know that your shipping needs are as unique as your project. We offer custom aluminum cases modified specifically to meet unique requirements and provide exceptional protection for your most valuable items in transit.

Aluminum Rack-Mount and Carrying Case Styles

Whether you need an aluminum carrying case or an aluminum storage case compatible with 19” rack-mount frame, we have options to fit your needs. Wheeled aluminum cases are available for easy transport. They include multiple styles of foam inserts, telescoping handles, and edge rollers with superior dust and weather protection. Both rack-mount cases and wheeled aluminum cases offer customization options.

Sizes, Colors and Other Aluminum Case Options

Aluminum storage cases and aluminum shipping cases are equipped with stacking corner lugs, so you can make the most out of your available space. With hinged lids and hinged, spring-loaded handles, these cases are easy to use.  They come in a variety of colors and sizes.  Countless accessories are available for a personalized solution that ensures your supplies will arrive at their destination unscathed from the elements, vibrations or shocks common during transport.

Sierra Cases offers a robust selection of custom aluminum cases, including:

  • aluminum storage cases
  • aluminum carrying cases
  • aluminum shipping cases
  • aluminum transit cases
  • aluminum equipment cases
  • wheeled aluminum cases

With a multitude of sizes, colors, add-on accessories and other options, Sierra Cases provides a comprehensive line of durable aluminum cases meeting stringent guidelines and specifications. Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about how aluminum cases protect your valuable equipment both in-transit and on location.

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