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ATA Rated Cases

ATA Rated Cases

Flight Cases that Meet ATA Specification 300, Category I

The ATA Specification 300 defines how containers and flight cases should be constructed to protect contents against damage while minimizing weight and volume. It addresses how containers are to be marked, loaded and unloaded.

Categories within the specification offer design guidelines to ensure cases will survive a minimum number of uses. Sierra Cases offers ATA flight cases that meet the highest requirements of Category I – a service life of 100 round-trip shipments or greater.  Available in standard or custom sizes, contact us to fit a case to your application.

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The G-TOURCARRYONPL from Gator Cases is made with a sturdy PVC overlayed on 5mm thick plywood. The c..
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The G-TOURTRK is a tour-styled, ATA-compliant case constructed from 9mm plywood with a heavy-duty P..
GTSA-MIX192108 Airport Friendly Carrying Case Getting through airport security is easier thanks t..
The GX-1818-6-TSA, a Great Choice for Travel Equipped with dual TSA locking latches, the GX-1818..
Travel in Style with the GX-1818-8-TSA Carrying Case Gator Cases makes flying painless with their..
GX-2030-8-TSA Security Friendly Carrying Case The GX-2030-8-TSA, designed and manufactured by Gat..
The GXDF-1116-5-TSA is a robust, ATA. molded utility case equipped with TSA latches and diced foam i..
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GXDF-1116-8-TSA Utility Carrying Case with Foam Interior and TSA Latches The GXDF-1116-8-TSA util..
Secure, travel friendly TSA latches Tough polyethylene exterior Black valance hardware Cube..
GXDF-1919-9-TSA ATA Utility Case with TSA Latches Travel in style with Gator Cases GXDF-1919-9-TS..
Travel Securely with the GXDF-1921-8-TSA ATA Carrying Case with TSA Latches The Gator Cases GXDF-..
GXDF-2225-8-TSA Utility Case with TSA Latches The largest of Gator Cases' line of TSA carrying ca..
The GXR series are heavy-duty, ATA, roto-molded utility cases that ship in three different sizes.The..
Gator Cases' ATA Heavy Duty Roto-Molded Utility Case, 45" x 17" x 15" size This rugged case featu..
Gator Cases' ATA Roto-Molded Utility Case is built to tough to withstand the roughest handling. ..
The ATA series from SKB carrying cases is designed to perfection for shipping and storing a vast var..
The SKB 1SKB-DH3315W, multi-purpose shipping case is best suited for transporting a vast variety of ..
The SKB Rail Pack Series of heavy-duty shipping cases are the containers of choice for transporting ..
SKB Rail Pack shipping cases are one of the toughest series and ideal for any mode of transportation..
The SKB 1SKB-H4816W rail pack case is created for shipping the finest goods related to sports and el..
1SKB-H5020W Rail Pack shipping case offers a well-secure storage space for transporting your sports ..
The SKB 2R Series Mil-Standard shipping cases meet the most demanding military and transportation co..
2R series, waterproof shipping cases from SKB meet the rigorous needs of most transportation and mil..
2R Series Waterproof Gun and Bow Case The 2R Series of shipping cases – manufactured by SKB - mee..
The SKB 3R Series Mil-Standard shipping cases meet the most demanding military and transportation co..
The 3R series from the SKB waterproof shipping range is molded rotationally for a tough, military-st..
SKB 3R military-standard cases come in handy when looking for robust, weather-resistant, waterproof ..
Rotationally molded bodies from SKB 3R Shipping cases meet most of the military and industry standar..
3R shipping cases are used in transportation of various military and industrial equipment. Their tou..
The SKB 3R series provides military-approved industrial cases that meet the demands of rigorous test..
Get Unrivaled Quality and Durability with 3R Series Transit Cases A leader in transit case innova..
When it comes to choosing the ultimate shipping case, always go for a SKB, 3R series case because th..
SKB 3R waterproof series features military-style shipping cases with a detailed eye for the interior..
Military specifications are the highest standards to measure the toughness of any case. The SKB 3R s..
SKB 3R series offers a vast range of industry-suitable shipping cases in a variety of sizes, shapes,..
The most ideal standard shipping cases come from the SKB 3R waterproof series. These cases are incor..
Military specifications are clearly the highest order of testing standards, and the SKB 3R series me..
For the most demanding shipping requirements, get the 3R Series from SKB Cases The 3R Series of r..
SKB showcases a plethora of products made specifically to meet industrial and military needs for tra..
The strength of a case is depicted by the military-specific ratings acquired by it. The SKB 3R serie..
The SKB waterproof 3R series is often considered the leading name in the shipping cases’ industry. T..
Shipping your sensitive equipment securely can be quite a problem. But with the SKB 3R series of cas..
When you need to move sensitive gear, you want a rugged case that can endure any condition. With the..
Military-standard shipping cases from the SKB 3R series offer the most confident protection packed i..
The 3R series from SKB meets the rigorous demands of military- and industry-specific standards. With..
3R Series Shipping Cases Meet the Toughest Requirements A 3R Series shipping and storage containe..
3R Series Shipping Cases Meet the Toughest Requirements A 3R Series shipping and storage containe..
The SKB MP Series heavy-duty shipping case is the container of choice for transporting gear anywhere..
The SKB MR Series, heavy-duty shipping case is the container of choice for transporting gear anywher..
The SKB Maximum Protection Cases are built with heavy-duty material for maximum-impact strength. The..
3SKB-1812MR Wheeled carrying case is the perfect choice for holding your finest gear in a tough, lig..
The SKB MR series is engineered to be heavy-duty, tough, and lightweight — all at the same time. The..
Heavy-duty MR shipping cases are tough, maneuverable, lightweight, and impact-resistant. Their rolle..
SKB wheeled carrying cases fit in the MR series range which features tough and impact-resistant body..
SKB MR Series offers wheeled carrying cases that are easily portable anywhere at anytime. They featu..
SKB wheeled carrying cases fit in the MR series which is known for their tough thermoformed shells. ..
This MP series from SKB carrying cases is a range of efficient transport cases. Their heavy-duty pol..
MR Series heavy-duty carrying cases by SKB Cases are designed with integrated wheels and pull-handle..
When you want to transport any heavy and sensitive gear without compromising its safety, SKB MR whee..
SKB Wheeled carrying cases have a combination of toughness and convenience packed into each one. Add..
Just like the name suggests, these SKB Carrying Cases provide maximum protection against all weather..
MR heavy-duty carrying case series is designed for easy transport of heavy and sensitive equipment a..
The SKB MP series features heavy-duty shipping cases that can easily accommodate most types of equip..
The 3SKB-3025MR carrying case is one of the toughest containers that can effortlessly carry your gea..
  The SKB MR Series features wheeled carrying cases that are integrated with the innovative ..
3SKB-3621MR case is a lightweight carrying case that incorporates wheels, retractable handles, molde..
The SKB LP Series of heavy-duty, low-profile shipping cases are the containers of choice for transpo..
The Low Profile shipping cases from SKB are heavy-duty, lightweight containers ideal for  trans..
SKB heavy-duty Low Profile Series cases feature an innovative design to protect the sensitive gear i..
The LP (Low-Profile) series is a synonym for ultimate protection accommodated with built-in wheels. ..
SKB features a smart range of shipping cases with wheels known as the Low-Profile Series. The cases ..
Low-Profile shipping cases are an excellent range from SKB series that are accessorized with heavy-d..
SKB Roto-X shipping cases provide the utmost protection and durability. These cases are constructed ..
The Roto X series from SKB Shipping Cases is the perfect option for carrying foot lockers, heavy too..
SKB shipping cases from the Roto-X series are an excellent choice for transporting sensitive equipme..
Roto-X Shipping cases are strong, durable, rotationally-molded containers with ideal storage space f..
The 3SKB-X2415-10 Roto-X case is designed with a high-end technology that is just as durable as it i..
Roto-X series by SKB is a step ahead in the innovative technology of shipping cases. Their ability t..
SKB Roto X series presents some of the toughest cases there are. They are made from polyethylene rot..
3SKB-X2424-22 Roto-X shipping cases are engineered to protect the finest of equipment, gear, tools, ..
The 3SKB-X2513-16 Roto-X Shipping Case is made of highly-durable, rotationally-molded polyethylene f..
Roto X containers are some of the toughest cases created to store and ship heavy tools, gear, equipm..
The SKB 3SKB-X2719-10 Roto-X Shipping case is molded rotationally for higher impact resistance and d..
Roto-X shipping cases offer a wide variety of applications for military and industrial use. These ca..
SKB shipping cases are highly durable and ensure maximum protection for your sensitive items. The Ro..
Protection and durability are the prime attributes of SKB Roto-X shipping cases. These cases are gre..
Rotational molding is the essential process for making the most durable shipping cases. The SKB Roto..
Shipping cases are meant to provide maximum protection to prevent any kind of vibration, weather, ph..
Roto-X cases are significantly stronger and longer-lasting than other similarly-sized cases. All you..
The SKB Roto-X series is the perfect choice for shipping cases because of their extra-secure and hig..
Roto-X shipping cases perform excellently under extremely hazardous weather or industrial conditions..
Roto-X cases not only provide an exceptional security system, but also a Lifetime Warranty to back i..
The SKB ATA, heavy-duty, rugged carrying cases are designed for real abuse and maximum protection.&n..
The 8M Heavy-Duty range from SKB Carrying Cases is engineered with maximum protection in mind. The s..
For Ultimate Laptop Protection, Use Transitainer Laptop Cases The ZERO Manufacturing line of Lapt..
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Transitainer Shipping Cases with Laptop Protection ZERO Manufacturing’s Laptop Case family offers..
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For Laptop Shipping Protection use a ZERO Cases Transitainer ZERO Cases laptop cases contain an i..
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The ZERO Manufacturing Transitainer line of shipping cases represents the ultimate in transit and st..
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ZERO Transitainer shipping cases feature powerful, reliable, and affordable solutions for all your s..
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Transitainer Cases are the most reliable solutions from ZERO for shipping and storage of your finest..
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