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ATA Specification 300 and Service Life Testing

ATA Specification 300 for shipping case design.
ATA rated flight case.

“ATA Specification 300: Specification for Packaging of Aircraft Supplies” helps airlines manage the cost of shipping delicate and high-value items. It spells out how containers and flight cases should be constructed to protect contents against damage while minimizing weight and volume. It addresses how containers are to be marked and how they should be designed to facilitate loading and unloading. ATA Specification 300 even covers security features to reveal unauthorized access. The goal is, reducing the cost of air transport. Continue reading

Why Use TSA Approved Locks?

Flying with proper locks for cases protects equipment.
Carrying case with built-in TSA latches

Roughly two thirds of fliers drop off a bag at the check-in desk. A few hours later, some of them will find a note inside from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) explaining why it was necessary to examine the contents. This will happen even if the bag was locked. The TSA is very serious about keeping travelers safe, and they won’t let a lock stop them from doing their job: If it’s in the way, it will be cut off or pried open. Continue reading