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If it Needs Connecting, it Needs an I/O Panel


I/O panel allows for cable connection in transit casesSomething first-time transit case buyers often overlook is adding an I/O panel for easy cable connection. Without it, the case is little more than a storage box, albeit one providing protection from temperature extremes, dust, humidity and shock impact. Using the equipment inside means either taking it out of the case or running with the case open and cables fed in. Either option negates the purpose of the case. Continue reading

Removable Racks Simplify Equipment Exchange

Removable racks make for easier cable connections.
The ECS Case Loadmaster® with removable 10U rack

Installing electrical equipment in rack mount cases can challenge the most dexterous technician. The usual procedure is to make the connections at the rear before mounting the unit in the rack. Inevitably though, the cables bunch up behind the equipment, stopping it from sliding into place. A second pair of hands is then needed to gently draw out the cables while at the same time, the hardware is pushed home. Only then, can the securing screws be inserted and tightened.  Then the cables are rearranged, if there’s room to get a hand between case and equipment. Continue reading