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Removable Racks Simplify Equipment Exchange

Removable racks make for easier cable connections.
The ECS Case Loadmaster® with removable 10U rack

Installing electrical equipment in rack mount cases can challenge the most dexterous technician. The usual procedure is to make the connections at the rear before mounting the unit in the rack. Inevitably though, the cables bunch up behind the equipment, stopping it from sliding into place. A second pair of hands is then needed to gently draw out the cables while at the same time, the hardware is pushed home. Only then, can the securing screws be inserted and tightened.  Then the cables are rearranged, if there’s room to get a hand between case and equipment. Continue reading

How Transit Cases Prevent Shock Impact Damage

Rack mount case with shock isolator
Elastomeric Shock Isolator

Newton’s Laws of Motion can be problematic for electronics. Why? The first Law of Motion tells us a body will continue in motion unless acted upon by an external force. In the second law, acceleration is the rate at which an object changes its velocity. It’s dependent upon mass and force. So, drop a box from the back of a truck and it accelerates earthwards until it hits unyielding ground. The contents want to keep moving. Instead, they experience severe, possibly destructive, deceleration. Continue reading

Extreme Cold — What to Expect

Extreme cold and shipping cases
Transit Cases in the Artic

Thankfully, deserts cool off at night. That relieves the stress on equipment baking under the scorching sun. The reverse is not true in extremely cold regions. Places, such as Siberia, can see the mercury dive below -50°C (-58°F) and not substantially rise for days or even weeks. Continue reading