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Case Color and Internal Temperature

Color choice affects transit case temperature.
White or light gray cases reflect the most sunlight (Impact Cases)

Leave a transit case in the sun and the interior can get hot enough to kill electronic components.  Inlets and outlets for convection mitigate the problem if the ambient air is cool enough.  But, they may draw in dust and moisture.  Active cooling – thermoelectric or air conditioner – is an alternative but incurs installation, weight and extra costs. Continue reading

Choosing the Right Cooling for Your Application

Cooling for your application.
Transit case with climate control by CP Cases

Any time you’re buying a case to hold powered-up electrical equipment, cooling should be a top concern. Without it, signals degrade and electronic components are likely to fail. Convective airflow (letting cool air in at the bottom and warm air leave from the top) might be appropriate for low ambient temperature, dust-free conditions. But most applications need a more sophisticated solution. Continue reading

The Science Behind Thermoelectric Cooling


We’re all familiar with electrical heating, but cooling by electricity? Here’s a primer to get you up to speed.

The Thermoelectric Effect

Most engineers are familiar with the thermocouple.  A pair of dissimilar electrical conductors are arranged in parallel and joined at each end. Continue reading