ECS Case LM2525-16 Loadmaster® Single Lid Case, 22" x 22" x 14.5"


ECS Case LM2525-16 Loadmaster® Single Lid Case, 22" x 22" x 14.5"
Model: LM2525-16
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text_weight 33.00lb

Maximize Space and Quality with Loadmaster® Single Lid Transit Cases

While there are many features that make Loadmaster® transit cases the preferred transit container solution for both military personnel and engineers, the most celebrated feature is the interlocking modular system designed for superior stackability.

Case tops and bottoms are perfectly molded to snap into place when stacked on a military 463L or standard pallet. And as your shipping storage needs grow, newly purchased cases are guaranteed to fit securely with your existing fleet.

For your expanding transit storage needs, all Loadmaster® cases offer an automatic pressure relief valve, field replaceable hardware, and interlocking stacking features so you can securely stack this case with all other Loadmaster® cases.

Have questions? Contact Sierra Cases to learn more about the LM2525-16.

Interior Length 22"
Interior Width 22"
Interior Height 14.5"
Base Depth 10.5"
Lid Depth 4.0"
Volume 4.06 cubic feet
Outside Dimensions 25.0" x 25.0" x 16.0"
Material Polyethylene
Empty Weight 30.0 lb
Brand Family ECS Case | Loadmaster® Single Lid
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