Impact Cases ConQuest 15U Aluminum Rack Mount Case


Impact Cases ConQuest 15U Aluminum Rack Mount  Case
Model: CON-SR-15U
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15U ConQuest Aluminum Shock Mounted Rack Case

The ConQuest aluminum rackmount cases, from Impact Cases, offer excellent protection, security and shock isolation.  With an EIA-310 compliant 19’’ rackmount frame, the ConQuest cases handle heavy payloads - to 500 lbs. – and protect equipment from vibration and impacts.

The case shell is produced from stiff 5052-H32 aluminum alloy that is 0.090 inches thick. The rack frame is assembled from stainless steel vertical mounting rails and aluminum horizontal members.

Case Body
Riveted seams and edges with panel joints add extra strength to edges and corners.  They won’t split or crack from a direct impact.  Outside vertical ribs also add strength and protect hardware from direct impacts. With a patented valance and corner lugs, the outer shell will not bow.  The lids fit securely and square even when the case is fully loaded and stacked.  Built-in load spreaders even out the weight and offer extra stiffness.

Internal Rack Frame
The rack frame is formed, welded then fastened with lockbolts for added rigidity.  With a full rack of equipment, this case can endure vibration and shock without degrading.  It protects heavy loads under the worst transportation conditions.

Rack Fastening
For vertical rails, there are two EIA hole pattern choices:  1.) square with cage nuts or 2.) circular with clip nuts.

Shock Isolation
The ConQuest rack frame is mounted on elastomer isolators designed to attenuate shock and vibration.  Up to 500 lbs. of rack mount equipment may be installed. Shock isolators are matched to the weight of the equipment.  Additional isolators may be added to support even higher payloads. 

Lid Hangers
Internal lid hangers over both case openings allow a lid to be hung in place while latches are tightened or released.  Two external lid hangers secure lids to the case side when they are off.

Skid pads, mounted on the top and bottom, support stacking of cases.  They also protect the bottom of the case from scratches and damage.  Only premium hardware - latches, handles and corners - are used

Case Size and Options:

  • 15U rack height
  • Choose rack depths of 24 in., 30 in. or 36 in.
  • Select square or circular mounting hole pattern
  • 5 standard power coat  finishes
Rack Height 15U
Rack Depth (Inches) 24/30/36
Material Aluminum
Shock Isolation Yes
Wall Thickness 0.090"
Brand Family Impact Cases | ConQuest Rack Cases
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