Rackit 4-Post Mounting HLR Shelves


New Rackit 4-Post Mounting HLR Shelves
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Rackit 4-Post Mounting HLR Shelves

Rackit® Technology Corporation provides a variety of 4-post mounting shelves that are mostly used to mount heavy IT hardware such as servers, UPSs and more. HLR Shelves are compatible with any Rackit's lines of server racks and with mostly any 4-post 19" rack on the marketplace. These shelves adjust to the depth of your rack with a useful multi-depth-mount design which provides for quick and easy installation. HLR shelves are available 24- or 30-inches, with mounting tabs extendable up to 49½-inches in depth. 


  • Stationary and heavy-duty shelves
  • Vented surface
  • Short-range depth-adjustable
  • Heavy-duty gauge steel with re-enforced construction
  • Rated at 200 lbs. (evenly-distributed weight load)

HLR Shelf Options:

HLR Shelf Surface Depth Surface Width Maximum Mounting Depth Shelf Height
HLR-24-43 24" 17.5" 43.5" 1.25"
HLR-30-49 30" 17.5" 49.5" 1.25"


Material Steel
Color Black powder-coat finish
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