SKB Cases 1SKB19-R1208 Roto GigRig, 12U Top x 16U Bottom


SKB 1SKB19-R1208 Roto GigRig, 12U Top x 16U Bottom
Model: 1SKB19-R1208
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SKB 1SKB19-R1208 Roto GigRig, 12U Top x 16U Bottom

The Gig Rig series from SKB can best described as high-strength, durable, secure and lightweight. Made from Roto-molded Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), these cases provide convenience, easy handling and maximum protection. SKB has set the standard for mixer/rack cases by providing a more adaptable Gig Rig series than past generations. The 1SKB19-R1208 Roto GigRig has angled top steel rails that are 12U rack spaces and includes room in the back for cable connections. There are also front facing 8U steel rails and 8U rear rack rails for storage and support.


  •   Uni-body construction.
  •   Locking twist latches.
  •   Accommodates deep mixers.
  •   (12U) angled steel rails on top.
  •   (16U) rails on the bottom.
  •   Wheel set with locking casters included.
  •   Lid provides enough space for optional 1SKB-AV8 retractable shelf.
  •   Additional rack units can be added with the 1SKB-R1906.


Rack Height 28U
Outside Dimensions 27.5" x 23.5" x 29.5"
Material Polyethylene
Empty Weight 68.6 lb
Color Black
Wheels Included
Brand Family SKB Cases | Roto Racks
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