SKB Cases 3i0907-4-SWK Waterproof Sennheiser SW Wireless Mic Case


SKB 3i0907-4-SWK Waterproof Sennheiser SW Wireless Mic Case, 9.5" x 7' x 4"
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SKB 3i0907-4-SWK Waterproof Sennheiser SW Wireless Mic Case, 9.5" x 7' x 4"

The waterproof carrying cases from the SKB 3i range are a protective line of cases which come with ambient pressure relief valves for equalizing the stress inside and out. The bodies are fabricated from injection molding of polypropylene resin for strength and durability. The seals are gaskets in order to prevent ingress of water, dust, and even air as well as to avoid any damage of any kind. The 3i0907-4-SWK Sennheiser SW Wireless System Mic case is a waterproof case constructed of ultra high strength polypropylene with a molded-in hinge and patented "trigger release" latch system. The interior contains custom cut polyethylene foam to house the Sennheiser SW Wireless System and its accessories.


  •   Ultra-high-strength polypropylene body.
  •   Custom cut polyethylene foam interior for the Sennheiser SW Wireless System.
  •   Snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handle.
  •   Ambient pressure equalization valve.
  •   UV, solvent, corrosion and fungus resistant.
  •   "Trigger release" latch system.
  •   Continuous molded-in hinge.
  •   Gasket seal makes these cases watertight and airtight.
  •   MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-C-4150J, MIL-STD-648C, and IP67 rated.


Interior Length 9.5"
Interior Width 7.0"
Interior Height 4.1"
Base Depth 2.9"
Lid Depth 1.2"
Outside Dimensions 10.73" x 9.69" x 4.8"
Material Polypropylene
Empty Weight 2.8 lb
Color Black
Interior Foam lined
Brand Family SKB Cases | iSeries
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