Target Military 4U Rackmount Case


Target Military 4U Rackmount Case
Model: TGT-SR-4U
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Target Case™ Military Racks for Water Tight, Dust Tight, and Heavy Payloads

If you are shipping a heavy payload (up to 500 pounds) and you are shipping delicate rack mount electronics, then the Target Case™ is the ideal choice. It is one of the strongest transit cases available. Welded from aircraft grade aluminum and featuring external reinforced ribs, the Target case won't warp, sag, or bow when fully loaded. 

These heavy-duty 19" rack mount cases will

  • maintain their shape under stress,
  • carry upt 500 lbs. without extra reinforcement, and
  • always keep a tight seal between lid and case.

The Target shock-isolated frame meets the EIA 310 19" rackmount standard. Other standard features include high-strength valences, internal load spreader, airtight lid closures with integrated pressure relief valve, and stackable skid pads.  Whether your destination is cold and wet or hot and windy, you can trust this large military-grade shipping case to protect your equipment without fail.  It meets serveral military standards including MIL-STD-810.

Still not convinced? Contact Sierra Cases to learn more about large, heavy payload cases, like this 4U rackmount case, and whether or not the Impact Target is right for you.

Rack Height 4U
Rack Depth (Inches) 18/20/24/27/30/36
Material Aluminum
Shock Isolation Yes
Wall Thickness 0.090"
Brand Family Impact Cases | Target Case
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