Underwater Kinetics 822 Transit Case, 21.8" x 17.8" x 8.2"

Underwater Kinetics 822 Transit Case, 21.8" x 17.8" x 8.2"
Model: 822
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Professionals Choose Underwater Kinetics Loadout Case or the Transit Case for Their Shipping Needs

Whether you are a military professional, photographer or a member of law enforcement, there are times when you need the Loadout Case or Transit Case.  In conditions that demand a tough case, you can trust your gear to Underwater Kinetics. The Loadout Case and the Transit Case are a great choice for protecting electronics, weapons, sales samples, art objects, and camera equipment.

Loadout and Transit Cases are available in 12 identical sizes.  The only difference is material.   Choose between the ABS resin of the Transit Case and the polypropylene resin of the Loadout Case.  Both materials are tough, impact resistant and offer water, dust, and corrosion proof protection.

Standard features of the 822

  • 3-inch urethane wheels with ball bearings and shock isolation for easy transport
  • Removable hinge rod allows lid to be completely remove
  • Locking, pull-out handle
  • 3 recessed spring-action side handles
  • Stainless steel twist-lock latches
  • Injection molded construction
  • O-ring built into the lid closure for airtight, watertight seal

Choose between two rugged materials

Transitâ„¢ Case
Transit Cases are made from high-impact ABS resin. ABS resin is exceptionally durable and resists shattering in extreme cold temperatures. It can be repaired in the field with solvent welding.

Loadoutâ„¢ Case
The Loadout Cases are built from automobile grade reinforced polypropylene. This resin is lightweight and very resistant to chemicals. A Loadout Case is typically 20 percent less in weight than a Transit Case and offers more impact resistance.

Chances are there's an Underwater Kinetics case ideal for your equipment. Find out which is right for you. Contact Sierra Cases.

Interior Length 21.8"
Interior Width 17.8"
Interior Height 8.2"
Base Depth 6.1"
Lid Depth 2.1"
Outside Dimensions 23.8" x 20.1" x 9.7"
Material ABS/Polypropylene
Empty Weight 18.1 lb
Color Black
Wheels Included
Brand Family Underwater Kinetics | Loadout / Transit Case
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