SKB Cases 3i-2222-12 Carrying Case now Shipping

SKB 3i-2222-12B carrying case
SKB 3i-2222-12B carrying case

SKB Cases recently began producing their newest injection molded case – the 3i-2222-12. This carrying case has the same features and benefits as other 3i Series cases.  This includes a specially formulated “no-break” polypropylene co-polymer plastic.  Tests show it has 2.8 times more impact strength than the competition.

It features “two-man lift” end handles and a wide grip “easy balance” front lift handle.  Internal dimensions are 22.5″ by 22.5″ by 12.5″ with a 10.5″ deep base and a 2″ deep lid.  Available empty, 3i-2222-12BE, or with cubed foam, 3i-2222-12BC.

These cases are in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Contact Sierra Cases for pricing.

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