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10 Exceptional Benefits of Aluminum Cases

Aluminum brief case

Aluminum cases are a smart choice for transporting, protecting, and storing sensitive equipment. It’s ideal for applications exposed to extreme temperatures, corrosive environments, and high electromagnetic fields.

Why select an aluminum case over a case made of other materials such as plastic or composite? The 10 exceptional benefits of aluminum – listed below – will help you decide.

  1. Very Light Weight. Aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum shipping and carrying cases are lightweight, yet strong.
  2. Extremely Strong. The strength of aluminum offers much better fracture toughness than most other materials used in case construction. It is resistant to impacts, mechanical breakage, and propagation of fractures; it does not easily stress, tear, or crack.
  3. Extraordinary Resistance to Corrosion. Aluminum is highly resistant to nearly all substances – such as salt water – that cause corrosion and weathering. Exposure to UV rays for long periods has no effect.
  4. Insensitive to Temperature Extremes. The characteristics of aluminum remain constant over a wide temperature range from – 80 °C to + 150 °C. In cold weather, aluminum cases do not become more fragile and brittle; instead, the tensile strength increases without lose of ductility. The low coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminum allows it to sustain higher temperatures without distortion.
  5. Naturally Protects Electronics. Aluminum has the highest electrical conductivity-to-weight ratio of any metal. An aluminum case is excellent for RFI / EMI shielding and controlling ESD (electrostatic discharge). Aluminum is also an efficient reflector for externally generated interference, namely, electromagnetic wavelengths of radio and radar.
  6. Excellent Heat Dissipation. Aluminum is widely used in heat sinks and heat exchangers because of its high thermal conductivity. In a shipping case, it efficiently transports heat away from electronics and other equipment. Aluminum has high reflectance to encroaching radiated heat such as sunlight (aluminum has a light reflectivity over 80%).
  7. Suited for Harsh Environments. For rugged and outdoor environments, aluminum cases can be fitted with options to meet watertight, splash-proof, drip-proof, and salt spray requirements. Water vapor will not diffuse through aluminum or through a welded seam.
  8. Low Cost Customization. Aluminum cases can be easily customized using secondary operations such as drilling, laser cutting, riveting, welding, brazing, soldering and more. There’s no need to pay for a special mold. Aluminum is often easier to modify than cases of other materials.
  9. Beautiful Finishes. Aluminum cases accommodate virtually every kind of finish whether mechanical (such as brushing or polishing) or chemical (such as anodizing). Almost any coating, such as paint and powder coatings, can be applied.
  10. Aluminum is Safe. Aluminum is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, non-absorbing, non-sparking, non-magnetic, and non-flammable. Therefore, aluminum cases can be used in a wide variety of special environments, such as sanitary and clean rooms, food service areas, and in many volatile applications. It is also fully recyclable.


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