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Rack Height

Rack Height
  • 1U (15)
  • 2U (37)
  • 3U (26)
  • 4U (56)
  • 5U (19)
  • 6U (28)
  • 6U/10U (1)
  • 6U/14U (1)

Rack Depth

Rack Depth
  • 6.5 (2)
  • (2)
  • 10.4 (3)
  • 10.7 (4)
  • 11 (1)
  • 12.5 (6)
  • 13 (1)
  • 13.5 (1)

Interior Width

Interior Width

Interior Length

Interior Length

Interior Height

Interior Height


  • Aluminum (47)
  • Composite (18)
  • Laminated Plywood (17)
  • Nylon (2)
  • Nylon Rack Bag (12)
  • Polyethylene (205)
  • Steel (77)


  • CP Cases (15)
  • ECS Case (21)
  • EDAK (7)
  • Gator Cases (139)
  • Impact Cases (21)
  • Pelican (50)
  • Rackit Technology Corporation (21)
  • SKB Cases (84)
  • ZERO Manufacturing (28)

TSA Latches

TSA Latches
  • Included (3)


  • 4 casters (2 locking) (1)
  • 4" Casters (2)
  • 4" casters included (7)
  • Included (63)
  • Optional caster board (21)
  • Yes (19)

Empty Weight

Empty Weight

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Ultimate Protection for Equipment on the Move

Military, police, firefighters, EMTs, and other demanding professionals prefer to transport their gear in a case by Pelican Cases — a global leader in the manufacture and design of shipping and carrying cases. Due to the demands of these professions, Pelican cases are tough — able to withstand extreme conditions and abuse.  They exceed the most rigorous military and industry standards.

Pelican excels in offering protection from shock, vibration, dirt, debris, and water.  The are used to move and store some of the most sensitive and delicate equipment. Whether computers or lifesaving medical instruments, these cases transport gear efficiently and reliably.



The Widest Selection of Case Solutions

Regardless of where you need to go, there is a Pelican case in a size that will meet your transit needs. Pelican cases are all built to withstand the most extreme heat and cold while being able to absorb impacts without damaging their contents. The same technology that goes into a case that carries the most sensitive military equipment also goes into the carrying case that holds a GoPro camera. No matter what the application, these cases are built to protect their cargo.

Pelican makes stackable and rackmount cases that are easily interlocked for both efficient use of space and ease in putting a cargo together. They are designed with impact resistant exteriors, watertight seals, a range of colors, and internationally transportable. They also offer a range of lighting systems used by musicians and engineers.

No matter what type of gear you need to ship, Sierra Cases has a shipping case that will fit your needs. Order your transit case today!

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