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ConQuest Racks

Why Choose ConQuest 19″ Rackmount Cases?

In a word, strong. That’s why you choose the ConQuest shock-isolated 19” rack mount case. With an aluminum shell manufactured from 5052-H32 aluminum (one of the strongest aluminum alloys available) and external ribs and optional internal load spreaders for case rigidity, you can rely on the superior strength and a long life of the ConQuest 19” rackmount case.

These shipping cases won’t distort, bend, or bow.  You can trust your equipment will stay protected during transit, storage, and while in use. In fact, with both lids removed and cases stacked, ConQuest rack cases will keep their shape without additional reinforcement.

What else do you expect from aircraft grade aluminum, patented high-strength valences and riveted construction?

Choose ConQuest rackmount cases if you want…

– Protection for payloads up to 500 lbs.  Go up to 1000+ lbs. with reinforcement.
– Lids that always fit like they should without a lot of hassle.
– Powder coat finish in both custom or standard textured colors.
– Edge extrusions that won’t tear off, and edges that won’t crack open from abuse.
– Durable zinc-plated latches and handles with low-profile triangular corners.
– An ultra-strong rack frame to match the ultra-strong case construction.

Chances are you operate under high-stress conditions, just like your cases do. All the more reason that your organization should invest in ConQuest’s 19” rackmounts.

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