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Rack Height
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Interior Width

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Interior Length

Interior Height

Interior Height


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ECS Case

Standard and Custom Shipping Containers

ECS has history. With more than 60 years in the business of container design and manufacturing, their cases are often the go-to choice by many military, emergency response, aerospace, and other technical industries.

For good reason, too. ECS cases have a unique modular design that makes it easy to securely stack a mix of case sizes (regardless of manufacturing date), and their composite and rotationally molded cases are easily customizable. In fact, ECS is known for its flexibility.

Off-the-Shelf ECS Containers

  • Rackmount cases
  • Footlocker cases
  • Single lid cases
  • Drawer cases
  • Half rack cases
  • Medical cases
  • Weapons cases
  • Modular for 463L military pallets
  • Quick shipment!  Get standard cases in 10 days or less.

Why customize your shipping cases?

Maybe you need an extraordinarily large or small case. Maybe your gear is custom and, as a result, no case works the way you need it too. Maybe you’re tired of trying case after case only to be disappointed in its performance.

At Sierra Cases, we have experts who are also engineers with vast experience in the field working with the same cases and equipment you do. Count on us to help you find and/or create the perfect custom packaging solution from ECS Case.

As you can see, ECS Case designs and manufactures a variety of shipping containers to meet most any demand for shipping and storing the world’s most expensive and sensitive equipment. While the cases are some of the toughest, you can trust that it won’t be hard on your equipment.

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