ECS Case 11U Loadmaster® Rackmount Case

ECS Case 11U Loadmaster® Rackmount  Case
Model: LMRM-11U
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text_weight 56.10lb

Ten Reasons To Choose Loadmaster® Rackmount Cases

You have choices when it comes to selecting 11U cases. Here are ten reasons why the Loadmaster® rackmount case is right for you.

  1. Ergonomic enhancements such as the polymer handles. This plus the compact design makes the Loadmaster® easier to carry than many other cases.
  2. Lightweight TSC reinforced composite material that passes all MIL-STD-810G military testing.
  3. Choose either a three-inch or five-inch lid depth. When not in use, lids can be placed on lid hangers.
  4. Molded case tops and bottoms allow for easy stacking when in use and in storage.
  5. Field replaceable hardware means you aren’t dependent on the manufacturer for simple repairs.
  6. Surface is non-reflective and comes in four neutral colors.
  7. Choose a fixed- or slide-rack mount and choose one of three rack depths.
  8. Water is not the enemy. Testing proved that fungus did not grow on/in the case and rain during high wind conditions did not make its way into the case.
  9. Desert ready. Dust and sand won’t infiltrate the case nor will it degrade the exterior of the case.
  10. The 11U will withstand heavy vibration, bounce, and impact. The shock isolation 19" rack system (up to 200lb payload) covers that.

Now that you know what makes the Loadmaster® Rackmount 11U superior to all other cases, don’t wait. Order yours and receive the shipment in 10 business days.

Rack Height 11U
Rack Depth (Inches) 20/24/30
Lid Depth 3" standard / 5" optional
Outside Dimensions 30.0" x 22.5" x 23.3"
Material Composite
Empty Weight 51.0 lb
Shock Isolation Yes
Brand Family ECS Case | Loadmaster® Rackmount
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