• Innovative cooling for 19-inch rack mounted equipment
  • Unmatched cooling power from 200 – 3,000 BTU/H
  • Thermoelectric collar is easy to install and maintenance free
  • Collar clips to case exterior and does not consume rack space
  • Reverse operation to heat electronics in extreme cold
  • Select from a variety of AC and DC power configurations

The configuration of an air conditioned case depends on several factors. To make an accurate recommendation, submit a request on the right. Or, call 1.888.880.7728 to speak with a sales engineer.

Amazon Cooler Collar

The Amazon Cooler Collar is a thermoelectric based air conditioner that simply clips to the back or front of an Amazon 19-inch rackmount transit case. It instantly circulates cool air through the interior and maintains a constant, desired temperature.

The Cooler Collar utilizes a solid-state 200 to 3,000 BTU/HR thermoelectric cooler. The internal cool air does not mix with the external ambient air. It’s maintenance-free and easy to install.

The Amazon Cooler Collar is a convenient air conditioning solution for deployed electronics and communications equipment.



  • The Cooler Collar is supplied with two lids for protection during transportation and storage.
  • Maintenance-free and long-life operation.
  • Units can be clipped to the front and rear of an Amazon Rack for additional cooling.
  • Cool air only circulates within the rack protecting delicate electronics from dusty and contaminated environments.
  • Instantly detachable. A unit can be removed to access the equipment or transferred quickly to another Amazon Rack.
  • The Cooler Collar does not consume space within the rack.
  •  Amazon Cooler Collar Data Sheet
  • Amazon 12U Cooler Collar Drawing
Front view without lid
Rear view of Cooler Collar
With shipping lids

Cooler Collar Sizes

Model Part Number Rack Height Rack Depth Wheels Maximum BTUs
Amazon Racks AACC060303 6U 15″ No 1500
Amazon Racks AACC060305 6U 15″ Yes 1500
Amazon Racks AACC080303* 8U 15″ No 1500
Amazon Racks AACC080305* 8U 15″ Yes 1500
Amazon Racks AACC100303* 10U 15″ No 1500
Amazon Racks AACC100305* 10U 15″ Yes 1500
Amazon Racks AACC120303 12U 15″ No 2500
Amazon Racks AACC120305 12U 15″ Yes 2500
Notes:  Contact Sierra Cases for applications requiring more than 3,000 BTU/HR.  * 8U and 10U sizes require a minimum volume order
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