CP Cases AR14 14U Amazon Rack Mount Case

CP Cases AR14 14U Amazon Rack Mount Case
Model: AR14
Availability: 4 to 6 Weeks
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text_weight 51.20lb

Amazon 14U cases provide ultimate protection to any equipment during storage, rough handling and  climatic extremes. These cases are a lightweight, and rotomolded polyethylene crafted case shells that provides higher strength and durability and can efficiently support sensitive instruments. The exceptional space between the frame and container, safeguards the equipment inside thoroughly.


The extensive benefits of using Amazon cases are:

  • Space - Maximum usable internal space.

  • Strength - Provides better strength and impact absorption.

  • Protection - Resistant to solvents and acids; corrosion-proof; water- and dust-proof.

  • Colors - Up to 25 optional colors available with UV stabilization.

  • Lids - Rigid, low-profile lid for highest space utilization. All lids, hinges, and catches are crafted with stainless steel and compliant with RoHS.

  • Rack Frame - Stainless-steel/aluminium EIA-310 compliant frame.

  • Rack Fastening - M6 or 10-32 fastening screws with stainless-steel cage nuts.

  • Safe Transportation - Rounded corners and edges for safe transporting.

  • Stacking - Positive stacking with 2-axis location.

  • Temperature - Stable in extreme temperatures.

  • Handles - Heavy-duty, soft-grip handles.

  • Rack Sizes - Standard depths — 19’’, 24’’, 29’’, or 33’’.

  • Ratings - Complies with MIL-STD-810F and IP65.

  • Environment-Friendly - Recyclable

Rack Height 14U
Rack Depth (Inches) 19/24
Lid Depth 3", 5" or 11"
Outside Dimensions 30.4" x 23" x 29.1"
Material Polyethylene
Empty Weight 54.2 lb
Shock Isolation Yes
Handles 4
Latches 20
Brand Family CP Cases | Amazon Racks
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