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Removable Racks Simplify Equipment Exchange

Removable racks make for easier cable connections.
The ECS Case Loadmaster® with removable 10U rack

Installing electrical equipment in rack mount cases can challenge the most dexterous technician. The usual procedure is to make the connections at the rear before mounting the unit in the rack. Inevitably though, the cables bunch up behind the equipment, stopping it from sliding into place. A second pair of hands is then needed to gently draw out the cables while at the same time, the hardware is pushed home. Only then, can the securing screws be inserted and tightened.  Then the cables are rearranged, if there’s room to get a hand between case and equipment.

This is tough to do on a workshop bench.  Imagine doing it in the field, in poor light and without help!

Use removable racks

Removable racks are a much better solution. The rack frame, fastened on rails, slides forward out of the case.  It’s much like the drawer in a kitchen cabinet.  After mounting the equipment in place, it’s far easier to organize cabling before sliding the rack into the case.

When to specify a removable rack

A deciding factor is how often the equipment will be moved between different cases, or a case reconfigured for different missions.  If case and payload will be paired permanently, benefits of removable racks might not be worth the disadvantages.  If however, equipment will be moved between cases, especially in the field, anything that simplifies maintenance, removal and installation will be much appreciated.


Given the obvious advantages, one might ask why removable racks aren’t standard on all rack mount cases. There are four reasons:

  • Removable racks add weight, reducing the case payload capacity.
  • Limited height: 14U is the tallest space available in a removable rack format.
  • Less sway space inside the case could increase risk of damage in extreme conditions.
  • Additional cost.

Removable racks simplify equipment installation

Kitchen drawers make life a little easier by providing easy access to the contents. Removable racks do the same for transit cases. If equipment will be moved between cases, or cases reconfigured for new missions, consider specifying this helpful feature.

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