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When Success Hinges on Temperature Control, Turn to the Rhino Box

Rhino Box 19" rack mount case with antenna
Rhino Box™ with integrated communications and ready for deployment

Whether you’re part of a science team trekking across the frozen Antarctic with sensitive measurement devices, or a covert military unit using computers to monitor insurgent communications in the blistering heat of an Iraqi desert, success depends on the tools you use. Protect your tools against all extremes of weather and climate with the Rhino Box™.

The Rhino Box is an all-weather, environmentally controlled, 19” rack mount case. It’s designed to allow you to safely transport and operate electronic equipment in extremes of temperature, humidity, and altitude by maintaining a safe and reliable internal operating temperature. This sturdy container resists rain, sand, wind, shock and temperature extremes to guarantee durability and protection.

An internal computer built into the case monitors both the exterior and interior temperatures and controls a powerful range of devices to dynamically adjust the internal temperature. In extreme heat (160º F, 71º C), a sturdy suite of intake and exhaust fans can cool the interior, as needed. In extreme cold (< -30º F, -34º C), the system operation is reversed and internally generated heat is circulated to maintain a safe operating temperature.

Temperature management extends beyond the internal devices in the Rhino Box to the physical design and construction of the case. The exterior is coated with a highly reflective transparent paint reflecting up to 90% of the sun’s heat. Additionally, aerogel insulation blocks and reflects heat transmitted through the Rhino’s durable skin. The aerogel combined with reflective paint blocks 97% of the sun’s radiant energy.

Ultimately, though, how do you know that the Rhino Box’s systems are working as they should to protect your indispensable tools? Integrated remote monitoring systems are available to provide alarms, system status, and override control for the Rhino Box.

The Rhino Box offers you peace of mind to know that your sensitive gear will work accurately and consistently when you need it, regardless of the environmental conditions. And when you get one chance at success, peace of mind is the best you can get.

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