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Why Injection Mold Cases

SKB carrying case
SKB Injection Molded Case

Molding processes are all very similar: a material, usually a thermoplastic, takes on the shape of a cavity. That cavity is created by a mold tool, and is a 3D mirror image of the finished part. What differs between molding processes is how the material gets into the cavity. It can be placed in it, as in rotational or compression molding, or it can be forced in under pressure, which is injection molding.

Injection molding is a fast and repeatable process, although the mold tools are complex and expensive. Despite that negative, it offers a number of advantages for carrying and transit cases.

Ability to Mold Complex Shapes

Highly precise, highly detailed tooling makes it possible to incorporate complex features and geometries. This means reinforcing ribs can be placed exactly where needed for maximum strength and rigidity, and ‘O’ ring grooves can be molded-in to provide excellent sealing when a case is closed.

Freedom to Optimize Material Properties

A carrying or transport case isn’t much use if it’s easily damaged. The thermoplastics used for these cases have to provide great strength and rigidity. A characteristic of the injection molding process is that there are many parameters than can be controlled to optimize the way material flows and takes up the shape of the cavity.


It’s essential that any case the customer sees creates a positive impression. If the case looks weak and inadequate they might think the same about the product or equipment inside. Aesthetics may not be the top requirement for a case, but they do matter and polished injection molding tools create a smooth, business-like finish.

Low-Cost, High-Quality Process

Injection molding is very efficient as little material is wasted during processing. Plus, the ability to recycle most thermoplastics means there’s a “green” aspect to its use too. In addition, the stability of the process means it’s possible to hold tight tolerances and incorporate finely-molded details. This results in transit cases that are every bit as rugged and durable as they look.

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